Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Start where the start is

Yesterday I worked for a small company in Sheffield, until about 15:30 whereupon I found myself made redundant, in common with 7 others who have exited over the last week. I harbour no hard feelings about this, and wish the company well - I see it as a God given opportunity to pursue some things that have been on my heart for, well, quite some time!

This blog will trace what happens to me.

Me? I'm Duncan, a musician and a coder. Well, other things too; but for the purposes of this we'll focus on those two, but other subjects may creep in as time goes on (never let it be said I'm not a creative chap..).

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  1. you know what? im in a slightly similar situation myself, in emotive terms...about closing down the biz activity i tried to open with a friend, after spending years with black market work offered by sharks..and go figure that, after those years plus the last ones losing money on my biz, really put me in a position to decide to step back to music..hell! yeah ill be broke, but at least ill be broke FOR SOMETHING THAT MEANS to me, not either working for slave wages at impossible hour schedules, or losing money working more than 50 hrs per week like my last almost 3 yrs..it may be ill be back looking to find work soon, but, still, im glad to see im not the only one thinkin back to the time when makin music used to give such good feelings that anything (well, most of the things at least...) negative gets to be put behind in perspective...
    cheers man, im glad to see you are reacting like that, i hope to find a way myself too

    Ubi D (dreaddd, desaparecido from kvraudio)