Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Count de Monet

'Moe-nae, Count de Moe-nae' as the Mel Brooks sketch in 'History of the World (Part 1)' insists..

So I got my first post-redundancy pay-cheque on the day of being let go. I have been involved with a producer in Italy who has been commissioned to put together an album of the first 10 Psalms, to be sold in to the Indian market. I contributed composition, guitar & some keyboard parts to Ps7 & Ps10. Some of it has a slightly Doobie Brothers feel, and there's a hefty dose of 7/4 & 5/8 elsewhere, with a kinda proggy groove (quel surprise..) I've heard back some of the mixes, and they're very good; I'll post details when it's released.

It's nice to be a paid muso again!

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