Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The past comes calling

One of my favourite corners of the internet, known as KvR, runs various competitions.

There is a monthly writing comp in which a piece must be written & recorded within certain defined boundaries (mostly a limit to the length, must stick to a given theme, but occasionally others). The first three weeks of a month are devoted to the writing and recording, then the last week all the entrants (and other forum members) vote on the pieces to decide a winner. I've never won, but have entered many times through the years; generally there are 50-70 entries. Worst I did was last, best was 4th, generally I'm in the first quarter. I do it more for fun than chart position. Some of my entries can be found here.

KvR also runs 'Developer Challenges,' where independent developers get the chance to enter a new creation each, and the community gets a ton of new free stuff! There have been three (DC06, DC07 & DC09); I (both uniquely and cheekily) have entered 4 times.. I have faired averagely, which I don't mind; the things I have written have been devised & created during snatched moments and so their ranking is probably a fair assessment. However, they have garnered attention away from the arena of competition, being recommended by folk at varying intervals. This has been very pleasant. From checking server logs (in the way that one does), I have found a new reference to my DC09 entry 'SynecDC.' It's from the myvst website and can be found here.

I enjoyed making SynecDC, and there is an idea for a big brother to it which will add further modulators; but it's not coming any time soon! My favourite patch is "DragonCity" which can be heard at 1:29.

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  1. Wow, they did a video for it and everything :) That's pretty cool :)

    Still no announcement on KVR about DC'10 that I can see... Still, I guess it was later than this last year :)