Monday, 6 September 2010


So my redundancy money came through... Must confess, there isn't a great deal of it left, I've been investing.

Firstly a set of drum-mics, 7 mics, I'll still need a couple more to completely mic my own standard kit (7 piece), but I also have the roto-toms which, well, one day..!
Then there's been a matter of a couple of guitars, a PRS SingleCut in Grey/Black, and a Yamaha BBG4 (blue, as pictured). The bass needs the pot on the neck pickup replacing, but that's not a complicated job.
There's been a few sundry other items, a WiFi dongle for a PC, plus a graphics tablet to come. I've set up an account on RedBubble for some graphic work I intend to sell [on the subject of RedBubble, my friend Nicola (also recently redundanted from the same establishment) has various cards and posters avialable - go look :-)]

So there it is. There was a 6string fretless bass available as well, which I can't quite justify the expense of, tho' it would be most exceedingly nice to have..

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